Theo & Trudy Childrenswear

It's a success story that began soon after World War II ,in 1951, 68 years ago when two fine young Dutch people, aged 20 and 18 respectively, left their homeland in search of greener peaceful pastures. Speaking only their mother tongue and with 10 pounds each to their name they headed by boat for the shores of Aoteoroa.

When Theo and Trudy Johannink stepped ashore in New Zealand as assisted immigrants few people would have figured this young man and his wife would become one of this country's most prominent manufacturers and retailers in the young apparel market.

Theo and Trudy opened their first Childrenswear store on Jervois Road in Herne Bay and it was called "Trudys" the rest is history. Today the company has in excess of over 25 T&T Childrenswear stores around the country built by this energetic Dutchman, who took on everyone including the big retail operators in a bid to keep everyone honest. Years ago, Theo, along with his son, Darrin, created the company's mission statement "To keep the children of South Auckland warm in winter and cool in summer..." This is exactly what he did... and proudly the company under the reins of his son Darrin Johannink continues to do so.

Our clothing now is enjoyed by all... "Fashion at a fraction" is the new mission statement. Quality and design are at the forefront, bringing into New Zealand clothing that is not just affordable but worth it to everyone! Some special pieces, pieces for every day, and pieces for our barefoot Kiwi Kids to just muck around in all day.

T&T Childrenswear is an iconic household name, familiar to most New Zealanders, built by sheer determination and trading skill. Headquartered in Auckland's East Tamaki the T&T Childrenswear operation continues as one of the few privately owned chains in the New Zealand rag trade. At one stage its manufacturing arm had around 200 machinists but like many others, much of this production is now based in Asia. In fact Theo was one of the early pioneers to move production to that part of the world. So much so that we still have personal relationships with factories that have produced solely for us for many years. It has been one big family business where long term relationships built on trust are of the utmost importance when trading off shore.

Theo Johannink retired in 1999 and his son Darrin took over the business and is running it in the footsteps of a very good trader and a very well respected man in the industry.

Sadly Theo passed away Mid 2013 aged 82. We are sure he is our shining star... guiding us with his heavy Dutch accent all the way into the future.

God Bless all the children in this world. xx